Uplift Michigan Online School utilizes the world-class curriculum and learning management system developed by Accelerate Education. 

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In addition to curriculum, academic support and resources, students have access to additional resources. Current resources at Uplift:

Current opportunities at Uplift:

  • Placement and course selection to ensure graduation requirements
  • Access to online curriculum content and classes– all day, every day, anywhere an internet connection exists
  • Instruction from highly qualified, experienced Michigan certified educators
  • Available internet or internet reimbursements (for qualifying low-income families)
  • Times available for one-on-one and small group teacher support/mentoring
  • Digital texts, assessments, and animations
  • Easy to use technology
  • Field trips both virtually and physically

Course Lists

Accelerate Education

Please refer to the documents below for a comprehensive list of the Accelerate Education courses offered at Uplift Michigan Online School

K-5 Course Catalog

6-8 Course Catalog

9-12 Course Catalog

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