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Both parents who are listed on the student's birth certificate must be provided to the school unless there is custody documentation stating otherwise.

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Why the Uplift Michigan Academy Program?
  • We provide a rich, rigor-filled, technology focused, tuition-free public education with online curriculum content and classes– all day, every day 24-7.
  • Our school is teacher led, teacher driven and student focused.
  • We utilizes the world-class curriculum and learning management system developed by Accelerate Education.
  • Utilizes the world-class curriculum and learning management system developed by Accelerate Education.
  • Uplift Michigan Academy teachers understand the unique and diverse needs of students. They participate in and lead regular Professional Development workshops and conferences.
  • Uplift Michigan Academy is student centered. This means your child will always be treated with kindness, respect and compassion.
  • We understand students come to virtual education for a variety of reasons. Our student population is very diverse. At UMA we welcome and explore that diversity through virtual interest clubs.