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We provide a rich, rigor-filled, technology-focused, tuition free public education with online curriculum content and classes– all day, every day, 24-7.

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K-12 Online School

Uplift Michigan Online School provides a rich, rigor-filled, technology-focused, tuition-free public education with online curriculum content and classes - all day, everyday 24/7

No cost to you
Small class sizes

A SAFE and supportive environment

Certified and highly qualified teachers

High expectations with lots of support

An inclusive school culture that values diversity for all students

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KG to 5th Grade

We believe your young learner can do great things. Start with Uplift early and watch how our fun learning environment and amazing teachers help your student grow to their full potential.

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Middle School

As a middle school student you're independent and you want to take control of your learning. We believe you can. Click on Enroll Here for More information and we will show you how!

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High School

For whatever reason, the traditional school environment is not for everyone.  We get that and you're not alone!  More and more students are choosing online education because it suits them best!

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Kindergarten - 12th Grade

Online School

“Together, we have 210 years of experience teaching and 110 years experience in teaching online.”

Uplift has classes from Kindergarten to 12th grade.


Learn more about the experience of students, teachers, and staff members.

Karen Beltran-Serano

12th Grade, Graduated from Uplift

Dayna Lundberg

1st Grade Teacher at Uplift

Tonya Lowry

Superintendent at Uplift

Why Choose Uplift



We provide a rich, rigor-filled, technology focused, tuition-free public education with online curriculum content and classes– all day, every day 24-7.



Uplift Michigan Online School is teacher led, parent led, teacher driven, and student focused.



Uplift Michigan Online School utilizes the world-class curriculum and learning management system developed by Accelerate Education.



Uplift Michigan Online School provides every student and family with a Relationship Manager who works to support your student’s academic, social, and emotional needs.



Uplift Michigan Online School teachers understand the unique and diverse needs of students. They regularly participate in and lead Professional Development workshops and conferences to further develop skills and grow professionally.



Uplift Michigan Online School is student centered. This means your child will always be treated with kindness, respect and compassion.



Uplift Michigan Online School understands students come to virtual education for a variety of reasons. Our student population is very diverse. 



Uplift Michigan Online School supports students with one-on-one attention, mentoring, and highly qualified teachers vested in their personal success.



Our cyber program is tuition-free and aligned with Michigan’s educational standards.

Visit Our Blog

Meet Erin Patrice: Uplift’s 2024 Commencement Speaker
Uplift is thrilled to announce that Erin Patrice will be the commencement speaker for the Class of 2024. Patrice is an outstanding storyteller and community advocate with a unique talent for connecting with individuals of all ages through her empathetic and strategic teaching style. Patrice's extensive experience includes working with families in various roles, from […]
Empowering Change: A Positive Review of “How U.S. Schools Harm Kids” by Timothy Wood
In the quest for educational excellence, it's essential to take a critical look at our current school systems and consider what can be improved. In his thought-provoking book, "How U.S. Schools Harm Kids: And What To Do About It," Dr. Timothy Wood dives deep into the challenges and shortcomings of American education. While his critique […]
Leading with Compassion and Grace
Leading with Compassion and Grace: Fostering Student Well-Being at Uplift Creating an environment where students thrive extends beyond academic excellence at Uplift. It encompasses a community of school staff dedicated to leading with compassion and grace. This is pivotal at Uplift, where the significance of compassionate leadership is deeply ingrained in our mission to enhance […]

About Us

The Uplift Passionate Team

We pride ourselves in creating a family atmosphere, caring for a student both academically and as an individual. Uplift Michigan Online School has a rigorous curriculum along with small class sizes and teachers who go above and beyond daily for their students.

We provide you:

• A learning atmosphere with high expectations and lots of support.

• Curriculum and support options for at-risk students.

• Certified and highly qualified teachers.

• Services and support for students with special needs.

• A plan for graduation.

• A flexible learning environment.

Our Mission

Within a caring environment, we engage and empower all students to be successful learners who make positive contributions to their communities. 

Uplift Michigan Online School provides an exciting educational opportunity for all grade levels. Uplift offers programs that work to create a caring environment where students can be successful learners. Additional programs help students to become future leaders who are passionate about making change and positive contributions in their local and global communities.

Our Transparency


Please visit our transparency portal and public data and check our ratings and achievements.

Enrollment Eligibility

Per MCL Section 388.1606 (4) (l) Uplift Michigan Online School can only enroll students who shall be less than 20 years of age on September 1 of the school year or who are less than 26 years of age as of September 1 of the current school year AND have a valid/active IEP.

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Welcome to Our School

Uplift Michigan Online School is a tuition-free

online public school for students in grades KG-12 who reside in any county in Michigan.

Our personalized approach, online content and amazing teacher support allow increased flexibility for the demands of today’s students.

Using technology, we link teachers, courses, and students so we can tailor learning to your students needs, talents, interests, and learning style.

Our program offers everything your student needs to earn a KG-12th grade education and a high school diploma while preparing for college or a rewarding career:

  •  No cost to you!
  •  Access to curriculum anytime, anywhere
  •  Mentor support for every child
  •  Easy-to-use technology
  •  Support services including a mentor, counselor and teacher
  •  Families who reside in Michigan may apply!

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